Inside Drucker's Brain

  • 6h 57m 15s
  • Jeffrey A. Krames
  • Gildan Media
  • 2008

In late 2003, ninety-four-year-old Peter Drucker invited Jeffrey Krames to his home for an unprecedented day-long interview. He spoke candidly about his seminal management principles, his enormous body of work (thirty-eight books over six decades), and the leaders he had advised over the years (including Jack Welch).

Krames used the insights he gained that day to create Inside Drucker’s Brain--a compact guide to the great man’s wisdom. Krames had no intention of writing a biography, but rather a book that would showcase Drucker’s most important ideas and strategies, and explain why they are just as useful today as they were decades ago.

Drucker’s biggest contribution was a mind-set, not a methodology. He focused on prodding managers to ask the right questions, to look beyond what they thought they knew, and to focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday. If anything, this mind-set is more valuable in the digital age than it was in the industrial age.

This user-friendly book will help readers grasp all of Drucker’s key ideas on leadership, strategy, innovation, personal effectiveness, career development, and many other topics.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: In Search of Drucker
  • Chapter 1. Opportunity Favors the Prepared Mind
  • Chapter 2. Execution First and Always
  • Chapter 3. Broken Washroom Doors
  • Chapter 4. Outside-In
  • Chapter 5. When Naturals Run Out
  • Chapter 6. The Jeffersonian Ideal
  • Chapter 7. Abandon All but Tomorrow
  • Chapter 8. Auditing Strengths
  • Chapter 9. The Critical Factor?
  • Chapter 10. Drucker on Welch
  • Chapter 11. Life-and death Decisions
  • Chapter 12. The Strategic Drucker
  • Chapter 13. The Fourth Information Revolution
  • Chapter 14. The Leader's Most Important Job
  • Chapter 15. A Short Course on Innovation