Insight, Influence, and Flow: A Guide for Business Professionals

  • 5h 6m 44s
  • David Waldas
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2020

Traditionally, business has always happened in ordinary reality, that rational, logical state of consciousness where good, sound, and responsible decisions are made from. This has been the realm of business. There has not been a place here for the dreamy creatives. Recently we are seeing more and more divergent thinkers like Elon Musk and Richard Branson emerging as some of the top business leaders and innovators in the world. These new leaders have found the balancing point between the rational and the dreamy, the practical and the impractical. They have learned how to live and operate from the place where ordinary and non-ordinary reality converge.

Insight, Influence, and Flow: A Guide for Business Professionals is about how to access that exact place, a state of consciousness known as the Optimal Flow State. Executive business coach David Waldas takes you through his three-step process to access your Optimal Flow State. David teaches you how to use this state to activate your individual genius and become more decisive, innovative, creative, intuitive, and productive. Ultimately, this is a guide to being a powerful influencer, innovator, and next-level business leader.

Squeezing others and pushing ourselves harder was a natural reaction to the shifting demands of the current business environment. The only way to thrive in this “squeeze” is by living in Optimal Flow State. This book is the road map, and it makes this superhuman state available to anybody who is committed to achieving it.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Transformation
  • Chapter 2 - New Business Paradigms
  • Chapter 3 - Flow States
  • Chapter 4 - Entrainment
  • Chapter 5 - Schumann Resonance and Coherence Theories
  • Chapter 6 - Sovereignty
  • Chapter 7 - Accessing Your Aligned Living Flow State
  • Chapter 8 - Playing with Being in and out of Alignment
  • Chapter 9 - Flow Inducing Environments
  • Chapter 10 - What If This isn't Working for Me?
  • Chapter 11 - Insight and Innovation
  • Chapter 12 - Accessing Your Intuition
  • Chapter 13 - Feedback Loops
  • Chapter 14 - Choosing Your Balloons
  • Chapter 15 - Committing to Routines
  • Chapter 16 - Choosing Your Alignment Exercises
  • Chapter 17 - Common Challenges
  • Chapter 18 - The Meddler
  • Chapter 19 - The Tractor Beam and the Gift of Rejection
  • Chapter 20 - The Dangers of Magical Thinking
  • Chapter 21 - Influence
  • Chapter 22 - Paradoxical Traits
  • Chapter 23 - Embodying Your Next Level of Self
  • Chapter 24 - Team Flow
  • Chapter 25 - The Trappings of Success
  • Chapter 26 - Diet and Exercise
  • Chapter 27 - Integration
  • Chapter 28 - Living in Flow