Instagram for Business for Dummies, Second Edition

  • 8h 40m 29s
  • Corey Walker, Eric Butow, Jenn Herman
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

One of the most energetically social of the major social media platforms, Instagram has the highest brand engagement rate of them all. Throw in the app's more than one billion active monthly users and its powerful business tools - including shoppable posts, devoted business profiles, and advanced analytics - and you have an unmissable opportunity to tell a gripping story that bonds you with your customers and makes your business an integral part of their social media lives.

The latest edition of Instagram for Business for Dummies puts you in the picture on how to showcase your product, craft your narrative, and gather insight into how your customers experience and react to your business. Presented in straightforward, practical language by three Instagram and marketing gurus, you'll swiftly go from setting up your account and profile to applying strategies for creating content that deliver super-engaged customers. With this audiobook, you'll learn how to set up your account, profile, and analytics; upload content and get smart with IG Stories and live video; build and target paid advertising; and master the art of the hashtag.

Whatever your current Instagram skill-level, there's always somewhere new to take the story of your business - and there's no better way to begin a gripping new chapter in that story than with this audiobook.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Installing Instagram
  • Chapter 2 - Setting up Your Profile
  • Chapter 3 - Hitting Your Target Audience
  • Chapter 4 - Taking and Posting Great Photos
  • Chapter 5 - Recording and Posting Great Videos
  • Chapter 6 - Finding People to Follow
  • Chapter 7 - Sharing and Commenting on Posts
  • Chapter 8 - Direct Messaging with Ease
  • Chapter 9 - Wielding the Power of the Hashtag
  • Chapter 10 - Planning a Winning Ad
  • Chapter 11 - Creating an Effective Instagram Ad
  • Chapter 12 - Creating a Winning Contest
  • Chapter 13 - Connecting Your Marketing Dots
  • Chapter 14 - Sharing with Instagram Stories
  • Chapter 15 - Making Your Story More Fun
  • Chapter 16 - Sharing Your Stories in New Ways
  • Chapter 17 - Using Highlights to Keep Stories Longer
  • Chapter 18 - Going Live on Instagram
  • Chapter 19 - Learning How IGTV Works
  • Chapter 20 - Claiming Your Stake on IGTV
  • Chapter 21 - Insta-Diagnosing Instagram
  • Chapter 22 - Insta-Help is on the Way
  • Chapter 23 - Ten Brands Killing it on Instagram
  • Chapter 24 - Ten Places to Find Inspiration