ISO22301: A Pocket Guide

  • 57m 40s
  • Tony Drewitt
  • IT Governance
  • 2019

How would your organisation continue operating in the event of a crisis? If you were hit by a cyber attack and lost the use of your IT systems, would you be able to carry on? If your business premises were forced to close, what would you do? If you were affected by unexpected staff absence, how could you reassure your customers that you could still offer them the service they expected?

If your organization is affected by any of these issues and you're unprepared, then the financial and reputational damage you face could prove disastrous. You could fail to keep up with customer demand and lose important business, and your customers could go elsewhere. Without a proper risk assessment strategy, your company directors could even face prosecution if a major incident occurs and results in loss or injury.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Business Continuity—What's That?
  • Chapter 2 - Before BCM
  • Chapter 3 - The Business Continuity Management System
  • Chapter 4 - ISO22301—BCMS—Requirements
  • Chapter 5 - Certification
  • Chapter 6 - Terminology