It All Adds Up: Designing Your Game Plan for Financial Success

  • 5h 45m 20s
  • Devon Kennard
  • HarperCollins
  • 2023

Gain access to the ultimate playbook to help you win at your financial game.

Money is a game of survival, and you can’t get ahead with the outdated playbook of the American Dream. Don’t let rising debt, stagnant wages, and increased inflation make it impossible to create financial stability. Create investment opportunities to build lasting wealth, and design the lifestyle of financial freedom that you and your loved ones have always dreamed of.

NFL linebacker, investor, and philanthropist Devon Kennard is winning the financial game off the field, with proven strategies to generate income that will support him and his family long after he is playing in the stadium. In this book, Devon provides clear guidance and practical tools to help you create your money success story. You will learn how to:

  • Transform your passions into ideas that earn passive income.
  • Get into the real estate game and learn different investment methods.
  • Cultivate a positive, wealth-building mindset to overcome financial fears and withstand setbacks.
  • Network and create your team to help you reach your money goals.
  • Include philanthropy and charitable works as part of your wealth legacy.

At last, you have the ultimate game plan to create a version of the American Dream that works on your terms and builds lasting wealth for you and your family.

About the Author

DEVON KENNARD It didn't take long for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Devon Kennard to realize football wasn't going to last forever.

Over the last decade, Kennard, who recently turned 31, has developed into a savvy real estate investor, amassing a multimillion-dollar portfolio that he says has averaged an impressive 8% to 12% return. By funneling his time, effort and money into ensuring he never becomes another statistic, Kennard has obtained the financial security and independence he so adamantly sought and has effectively taken control of his family's financial future.

For now, Kennard is maintaining his financial strategies while focusing on his on-field play. He's succeeded in a way many other players have not, securing his future and preserving the generational wealth he has accumulated while playing football. Football isn’t going to last forever, and when it does come to an end, Kennard will be ready.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - My Game Plan Football Is What I Do It's Not Who I Am
  • Chapter 2 - The Big Leagues
  • Chapter 3 - It's Your American Dream
  • Chapter 4 - Maximizing Your Earnings
  • Chapter 5 - It All Adds Up
  • Chapter 6 - Maximize Your Mindset
  • Chapter 7 - Become an Extraordinary
  • Chapter 8 - Monetize Your Passions
  • Chapter 9 - Network Your Way to Success
  • Chapter 10 - You've Got Mailbox Money
  • Chapter 11 - Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  • Chapter 12 - Real Estate Can Be for Everyone
  • Chapter 13 - Next Level Investing Real Estate Syndications
  • Chapter 14 - A Financial Touchdown
  • Chapter 15 - True Living Comes from Giving


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