It Starts With Clients: Your 100-Day Plan to Build Lifelong Relationships and Revenue

  • 7h 39m 54s
  • Andrew Sobel
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Andrew Sobel offers a proven, 100-day plan for conquering 14 tough client development challenges and growing your client base. He's encapsulated 25 years of unique research, including personal interviews with over 3,000 top executives, into a practical road map for winning more new clients and growing your existing relationships.

You'll learn specific strategies to move confidently and predictably from a first meeting to a signed contract, and discover the agenda-setting techniques that create a steady stream of sole-source business. You'll master the art of reframing client requests, leading to broader, higher-impact engagements. You'll dramatically sharpen your ability to ask the powerful questions that can transform your client relationships. And, you'll learn to develop advisory relationships with influential C-suite executives.

Andrew illustrates each weekly challenge with real-life examples drawn from thousands of executive meetings. He shares success strategies from having grown and led three highly successful professional service businesses as well as from his interviews with over 1500 acclaimed rainmakers.

In this Audiobook

  • Day 1: The Star of Your Show
  • Week 1: Choose Your Target
  • Week 2: Get Recognized
  • Week 3: Find Your Clients
  • Week 4: Master the First Meeting
  • Week 5: From Contact to Contract
  • Week 6: Free up a Stuck Sale
  • Week 7: Anticipate and Agenda Set
  • Week 8: Reframe for Maximum Impact
  • Week 9: Grow Your Relationships: The 10-Minute Plan
  • Week 10: Use Power Questions
  • Week 11: Be a Brilliant Big-Picture Thinker
  • Week 12: Get Clients to Root for You
  • Week 13: Build Senior Executive Relationships
  • Week 14: Become an Irresistible Person of Interest
  • Day 100: Keep Your Clients for Life