Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness, A Philosophy for Leaders, 2nd Edition

  • 13h 37m 56s
  • Peter Koestenbaum
  • Gildan Media
  • 2017

It has been more than a decade since the first edition of Peter Koestenbaum's landmark book Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness was published. Since that time world events have caused a dramatic shift in how we think about our lives and our work. Now we grapple with the fundamental questions: How can we live a courageous life and manage anxiety? Is it possible to reach greater heights of ethics and responsibility?

Peter Koestenbaum, the preeminent business philosopher, has been a trusted mentor to business leaders worldwide. In this thoroughly revised edition of his classic book, he shares his wisdom about the fundamental nature of leadership and shows what it takes to become an exceptional and passionate leader in today's complex world. At the very heart of the book is his Leadership Diamond model - a paradigm that challenges managers to transform their thinking and approach everything with fresh effectiveness in order to reap richer results and become great leaders.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Confronting the Challenges
  • 2. Developing the Mind
  • 3. Foundations of Leadership
  • 4. The Leadership Diamond: Four Strategies for Greatness
  • 5. Vision: Thinking Big and New
  • 6. Reality: Having No Illusions
  • 7. Ethics: Providing Service
  • 8. Courage: Acting with Sustained Initiative
  • 9. Implementing the Leadership Diamond
  • 10. Building Individual Skills
  • 11. Expanding Organizational Skills
  • 12. Leadership for the Next Decade and Beyond