Leadership: The Warrior's Art

  • 12h 33m 42s
  • Christopher D. Kolenda
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2014

This bold, wide-ranging collection brings together some of the most noted military minds, past and present, to examine the crucial role of leadership in combat. Written while Christopher Kolenda was a faculty member in the history department at West Point, it covers both classic and modern concepts of leadership and uses case studies from Alexander the Great through World War II to illustrate principles of leadership in concrete historical contexts

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: What is Leadership? Some Classical Ideas Christopher D. Kolenda
  • Chapter Two: Teaching Combat Leadership at West Point: Closing the Gap between Expectation and Experience Charles F. Brower IV and Gregory J. Dardis
  • Chapter Three: Leadership, Versatility, and All That Jazz Gordon R. Sullivan
  • Chapter Four: Living on the Edge: Building Cohesion and the Will to Win Robert W. Madden
  • Chapter Five: Discipline: Creating the Foundation for an Initiative-Based Organization Christopher D. Kolenda
  • Chapter Six: Alexander the Great: A Study in Vision, Character and Perception Christopher D. Kolenda
  • Chapter Seven: Calculation and Circumstance: The Leadership of Frederick the Great Dennis Showalter
  • Chapter Eight: Hard Knocks, Hubris and Dogma: Leader Competence in the American Expeditionary Forces Richard S. Faulkner
  • Chapter Nine: Heroism Under Fire: Cole C. Kingseed
  • Chapter Ten: Culture of Confidence: The Tactical Excellence of the German Army of the Second World War Kevin W. Farrell
  • Chapter Eleven: Leadership, Technology, and the Ethics of Total War: Curtis E. LeMay and the Fire Bombing of Japan Conrad C. Crane
  • Chapter Twelve: Soviet Operational Art: The Theory and Practice of Initiative 1917-1945 Frederick Kagan
  • Chapter Thirteen: 21st Century Leadership: The Broadened Attributes of a Soldier Daniel W. Christman
  • Chapter Fourteen: Charisma John C. “Doc” Bahnsen
  • Chapter Fifteen: Looking Up: Leadership from a Follower's Perspective Douglas E. Lute
  • Chapter Sixteen: The Battle of Oom Chalouba, 17 June 2008: The Leader's Role in Preparing Units for the Physical Demands of Combat Mark P. Hertling
  • Chapter Seventeen: Battle Focused Training Robert W. Cone
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Renaissance Force: Selecting Soldiers and Forging Teams for Special Operations Richard W. Potter and Kalev I. Sepp
  • Chapter Nineteen: Unleashing Human Potential: The Leader's Role in Creating the Climate for High Performing Organizations John W. Woodmansee, Jr.


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