Leading for Organisational Change: Building Purpose, Motivation and Belonging

  • 8h 5m 13s
  • Jennifer Emery
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Leading for Organisational Change is an intelligent and practical guide to the human side of merger integration and other organisational change. Building a clear sense of common purpose and then reinforcing it through storytelling can underpin the success of an integration or significant change programme. Pulling together the best thinking from neuroscience, psychology and business, and her rich personal experience in twenty years of leading change projects in professional services organisations and other people-centred businesses, author Jennifer Emery presents a framework for change rooted in seven key themes that help organisations establish their BECAUSE: belonging, evolution, confidence, agility, understanding, simplicity and energy. Exploring the role each theme plays in the context of change, this insightful and warm book shares real-world examples and provides advice on building purpose and culture and strengthening motivation through listening, empowering and collaborating.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 Once Upon a Time
  • Chapter 2 The Angel in the Marble
  • Chapter 3 Milk and Mushrooms
  • Chapter 4 Telling Stories
  • Chapter 5 Everything Must Change
  • Chapter 6 Beginnings
  • Chapter 7 Starting Out
  • Chapter 8 Making It Happen
  • Chapter 9 Belonging
  • Chapter 10 Evolution
  • Chapter 11 Confidence
  • Chapter 12 Agility
  • Chapter 13 Understanding
  • Chapter 14 Simplicity
  • Chapter 15 Energy
  • Chapter 16 The Bigger Picture
  • Chapter 17 The Best Thing You Can Bring is Heart


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