Leading on the Edge

  • 9h 6m 33s
  • Lucy Paterson, Rachael Robertson, Recorded Books
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

In Leading on the Edge, successful business speaker and consultant Rachael Robertson shares the lessons she learned as leader of a year-long expedition to the wilds of Antarctica.

Leading 18 strangers around the clock for a full year - through months of darkness and with no escape from the frigid cold, howling winds, and one another - Robertson learned powerful lessons about what real, authentic leadership is. Here, she offers a deeply honest and humorous account of what it takes to survive and lead in the harshest environment on Earth. What emerges from her graphic account is a series of powerful and practical lessons for business leaders and managers everywhere.

Leading on the Edge features practical leadership lessons that are particularly helpful for any leader who must get the best out of the team they've got. Robertson provides solutions to many challenges common to all workplaces and includes real excerpts from her personal journals through 12 months of leading in the most challenging environment in the world.

Robertson has appeared at more than 350 national and international conferences and events for a wide range of industries. Leading on the Edge explains what it's like to take charge when you've no place to hide and how truly harsh environments can serve as a leadership laboratory that results in truly effective, authentic leadership.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Leadership can be learned, and taught, early
  • Chapter 2 - Very few decisions in life are irreversible, so make some!
  • Chapter 3 - Always look for ways to extend yourself
  • Chapter 4 - Get out of your depth — it’s a great way to learn to swim
  • Chapter 5 - Don’t expect leadership to be an easy ride
  • Chapter 6 - Sometimes the right thing happens for the wrong reason!
  • Chapter 7 - People notice when you try to be someone you’re not
  • Chapter 8 - You know people by what they do, not what they say they do
  • Chapter 9 - First prepare yourself, then leave your comfort zone
  • Chapter 10 - Seeing what’s wrong is easy — the hard part is the fix
  • Chapter 11 - Understand the game, and play your hand carefully
  • Chapter 12 - Ask ‘why?’, then keep asking why
  • Chapter 13 - Adventure is not without risk
  • Chapter 14 - Try to stay positive: even the stormiest seas eventually subside
  • Chapter 15 - A handpicked support team can be essential
  • Chapter 16 - Make the right decision the right way
  • Chapter 17 - Step up onto the balcony — but you’ll need time and support
  • Chapter 18 - Ambiguity and leadership go hand in hand
  • Chapter 19 - Feeling stressed and overworked? It could be your boundaries
  • Chapter 20 - Good leaders know when to show emotion
  • Chapter 21 - Think ahead and know what you will do in an emergency
  • Chapter 22 - When you’re spending all your time managing, don’t forget to lead
  • Chapter 23 - It’s important to know your people, not just the work they do
  • Chapter 24 - As a leader you are being watched, always
  • Chapter 25 - Find a reason, any reason, to celebrate
  • Chapter 26 - Check in on your people: ask R U OK?
  • Chapter 27 - Take care of the little things
  • Chapter 28 - Judgement comes with experience
  • Chapter 29 - ‘No triangles’ takes effort and persistence
  • Chapter 30 - Watch out for three-quarter time — keep your energy up
  • Chapter 31 - Go the distance