Leading So People Will Follow

  • 6h 52m 1s
  • Erika Andersen
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

Leading So People Will Follow explores the six leadership characteristics that inspire followers to fully support their leaders. Using Erika Andersen's proven framework, new leaders and veterans alike have increased their capacity for leading in a way that creates loyalty, commitment, and results. Step by step, Andersen lays out six key attributes (far-sightedness, passion, courage, wisdom, generosity, and trustworthiness) and gives leaders the tools for developing them. This innovative book offers a practical guide for building the skills to become a truly "followable" leader.

Using self-assessments, real-world examples, and concrete tools, Leading So People Will Follow helps build timeless core skills that work for leaders in any field.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The Longing for Good Leaders
  • 2. Firesides and Folktales
  • 3. Farsighted
  • 4. Passionate
  • 5. Courageous
  • 6. Wise
  • 7. Generous
  • 8. Trustworthy
  • 9. Friends for the Journey
  • 10. Your Own Tale