Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products, and Your People

  • 8h 25m 7s
  • J Michael. Edenfield, Joseph A. Michelli
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2014

One of the best-recognized and admired brands in the world, Starbucks singlehandedly transformed the ordinary delivery of coffee into a cultural phenomenon—a result of the company’s exemplary leadership practices.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: The Starbucks Connection
  • Chapter 2: If You Don't Have Passion for Your Product, Why Should Your Customer?
  • Chapter 3: From Replicable and Consistent to Magical and Unique
  • Chapter 4: It's a Matter of Trust and Love
  • Chapter 5: It Must Thrive Inside to Be Experienced Outside
  • Chapter 6: Assume the Universal: Serve the Unifying Truths of Humans
  • Chapter 7: Respect, Celebrate, and Customize: Listening and Innovating to Meet Local, Regional, and Global Needs
  • Chapter 8: Growing the Connection Through Technology
  • Chapter 9: Personal Relationships Translate: Sharing the Love from People to Products
  • Chapter 10: Honor the Past, but Don't Be Trapped in It
  • Chapter 11: Taking the Long View: Building Success That Lasts
  • Chapter 12: Forging a Real Lifestyle Connection


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