Leading With Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, And Inspire Action On Your Most Important Work

  • 5h 46m 25s
  • Peter Bregman
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

You have the opportunity to lead: to show up with confidence, connected to others, and committed to a purpose in a way that inspires others to follow. Maybe it's in your workplace, or in your relationships, or simply in your own life. But great leadership - leadership that aligns teams, inspires action, and achieves results - is hard. And what makes it hard isn't theoretical, it's practical. It's not about knowing what to say or do. It's about whether you're willing to experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of saying or doing it. In other words, the most critical challenge of leadership is emotional courage. If you are willing to feel everything, you can do anything.

Leading with Emotional Courage, based on the author's popular blogs for Harvard Business Review, provides practical, real-world advice for building your emotional courage muscle. Each short, accessible chapter details a distinct step in this emotional "workout", giving you grounded advice for handling the difficult situations without sacrificing professional ground. By building the courage to say the necessary but difficult things, you become a stronger leader and leave the "should'ves" behind.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Be Yourself: The High Cost of Conformity, and How to Avoid it
  • Chapter 2 - Find Your Ground: Stay Steady, Balanced, and Calm
  • Chapter 3 - Stay Curious About Yourself: How to Ask for Feedback That Will Actually Help You
  • Chapter 4 - Access Self-Compassion: The Problem with High Expectations
  • Chapter 5 - Embrace Your Shadow: How to Avoid Becoming the Person You Hate
  • Chapter 6 - It's Not All About Achievement: Stop Worrying About How Much You Matter
  • Chapter 7 - Find Clarity: What's Your One Big Theme?
  • Chapter 8 - Become More of Who You are: You're Already Pretty Amazing
  • Chapter 9 - Stay Focused: You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self
  • Chapter 10 - Be Strategic and Intentional: Five Steps to Investing Your Energy More Wisely
  • Chapter 11 - Don't Lose Yourself in Pursuit of Becoming Yourself: Take Your Life Back
  • Chapter 12 - How Will You Measure Success?: Why You Should Treat Laughter as a Metric
  • Chapter 13 - The Impact of Trust: The Real Secret of Thoroughly Excellent Companies
  • Chapter 14 - Stay Open: How to Really Listen
  • Chapter 15 - Stay Curious About Others: People Can't Be Summed up by Personality Tests
  • Chapter 16 - Stay Creative: Are You Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem?
  • Chapter 17 - Be Useful: Hold the Baby
  • Chapter 18 - Make People Feel Good: How Not to Lose a Sale
  • Chapter 19 - Everyone is Contagious: How to Use Your Superpower for Good
  • Chapter 20 - Use Fear as a Guide: How to Talk About What You Most Dread
  • Chapter 21 - Lead with the Punchline: How to Start a Hard Conversation
  • Chapter 22 - Skillful Communication in the Heat of the Moment: Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst
  • Chapter 23 - Own Your Stuff: I Want You to Apologize
  • Chapter 24 - Let Others Know You See Them: 20 Seconds to a Better Bonus
  • Chapter 25 - Play Hard: Nadal is Strong Enough to Cry; are You?
  • Chapter 26 - Know Where You're Going: Define Your Big Arrow
  • Chapter 27 - Focus Where it Matters: Four Areas to Focus Your Attention
  • Chapter 28 - Use Your Focus as a Filter: Use Your First Day Back from Vacation to Energize Your Focus
  • Chapter 29 - You Can't Say it Enough: The Mouthwash Principle: For Energized Focus, Rinse and Repeat
  • Chapter 30 - And Sometimes it's Better to Say Less: If You Want People to Listen, Stop Talking
  • Chapter 31 - Gifted, Game, and Generous: Three Qualities All Leaders Need to Cultivate within Their Teams
  • Chapter 32 - Engage from the Beginning: The Farm-to-Table Method of Focusing the Energy of Your Team
  • Chapter 33 - Helping Others Be Trustworthy: The Secret to Ensuring Follow-Through
  • Chapter 34 - Creating Accountability: Five Building Blocks for a Culture of Accountability
  • Chapter 35 - Bigger Than You: Why Leaders Should Try to Be Overwhelmed
  • Chapter 36 - Improving Performance after a Critical Error (Pace): How to React When Someone Disappoints
  • Chapter 37 - Know What You are Feeling: Develop Your Awareness
  • Chapter 38 - Feeling is Physical: Dance with Your Monster
  • Chapter 39 - Practice Feeling: Embracing Temptation
  • Chapter 40 - Feel Uncertainty: The Emotional Adventure of Leadership
  • Chapter 41 - Be Willing to Feel the Hard Stuff: Why Leaders Must Feel Pain
  • Chapter 42 - Feel Everything: Allow for Complexity
  • Chapter 43 - Risk is the Key to Leadership: Unlocking Your Success Equation
  • Chapter 44 - Build Your Risk Muscle: The Small Personal Risks That Change Behavior
  • Chapter 45 - Make a Decision: Act Boldly to Get Moving
  • Chapter 46 - Risk Truth: It's Your Job to Tell the Bold Truths
  • Chapter 47 - Try Something Different: The Unexpected Power of Inauthenticity
  • Chapter 48 - The Limitless Possibility of Now: A Question That Can Change Your Life