Left Brain, Right Stuff: How Leaders Make Winning Decisions

  • 8h 44m 1s
  • Phil Rosenzweig
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2013

Left Brain, Right Stuff takes up where other books about decision making leave off. For many routine choices, from shopping to investing, we can make good decisions simply by avoiding common errors, such as searching only for confirming information or avoiding the hindsight bias. But as Phil Rosenzweig shows, for many of the most important, more complex situations we face — in business, sports, politics, and more — a different way of thinking is required.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Crunch Time on a Hot August Night
  • Chapter 2: The Question of Control
  • Chapter 3: Performance, Absolute and Relative
  • Chapter 4: What it Takes to Win
  • Chapter 5: Confidence … and Overconfidence
  • Chapter 6: Base Rates and Breaking Barriers
  • Chapter 7: Better Decisions over Time
  • Chapter 8: Decisions of a Leader
  • Chapter 9: Where Models Fear to Tread
  • Chapter 10: When are Winners Cursed?
  • Chapter 11: Starting up, Stepping Out
  • Chapter 12: The Stuff of Winning Decisions