LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn to Drive More Sales Through Social Selling

  • 5h 5m 36s
  • Melonie Dodaro
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

LinkedIn is an untapped goldmine of leads, but few people understand how to convert those leads into clients. The sad fact is, there are very few who are using LinkedIn to build meaningful connections that translate into measurable sales results. Forget the old sales and marketing gimmicks. In this eye-opening audiobook, Melonie Dodaro explains how to master social selling on LinkedIn to generate B2B leads and clients.

LinkedIn Unlocked is a social selling road map that will help you generate a consistent flow of quality leads.

You will learn:

  • How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client-attraction magnet
  • Social selling best practices and LinkedIn etiquette
  • How to send LinkedIn messages that command a response
  • The right and wrong way to use content marketing to build authority, credibility, and trust
  • How to stay top of mind in your network and more importantly with your potential prospects
  • How to convert cold LinkedIn prospects into high-value clients
  • How to turn LinkedIn into a lead-generation machine for your business

From the author of the number one Amazon best seller The LinkedIn Code, LinkedIn Unlocked is the new, updated, and definitive audiobook on attracting more leads, clients, and sales from LinkedIn.

About the Author

Melonie Dodaro is a preeminent authority on LinkedIn and social selling, author of multiple #1 bestselling books, including LinkedIn Unlocked, and creator of numerous online training and coaching programs. She helps individuals, businesses, governments, and universities tap into and maximize the possibilities of LinkedIn for lead generation, marketing, and career development.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One - Digital Transformation: Social Selling for Today's Modern Buyer
  • Chapter Two - How to Know and Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Chapter Three - Transform Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Clients
  • Chapter Four - LinkedIn Best Practices and Etiquette
  • Chapter Five - Find Leads and Prospects on LinkedIn
  • Chapter Six - Convert Prospects to Clients with The Link Method
  • Chapter Seven - The Content Marketing Road Map
  • Chapter Eight - Elevating Authority, Credibility, and Trust
  • Chapter Nine - Assemble Your Social Selling Playbook
  • Chapter Ten - The Money is in the Execution
  • Chapter Eleven - LinkedIn Membership: Free vs. Premium vs. Sales Navigator
  • Chapter Twelve - The ROI of Social Selling on LinkedIn