Love and Money: A Life Guide for Financial Success

  • 12h 8m 15s
  • Jeff D. Opdyke
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

Jeff Opdyke is a personal-finance reporter and writes the popular Wall Street Journal Sunday financial advice column, "Love and Money." His book has been praised for combining the financial and the personal - giving couples a guide for how to discuss money matters and how to plan their financial futures. Part relationship manual, part financial roadmap, this wise and entertaining primer provides priceless guidance.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Budgets are Like Diets—Everyone Cheats: Developing a Spending Plan
  • Chapter 2 - Are We What We Owe? Controlling Debt
  • Chapter 3 - Small Change is Real Money: Managing Your Spending
  • Chapter 4 - Emergency Savings: Preparing for the Unexpected Costs of Life
  • Chapter 5 - Speak Now or … Forever You'll Regret it: Gauging Financial Compatibility
  • Chapter 6 - The Perils of His and Hers Accounts: Merging Your Finances
  • Chapter 7 - Money Laundering: Curtailing Surreptitious Spending
  • Chapter 8 - Does Money Equal Power in a Marriage? Balancing the Salary Equation
  • Chapter 9 - Having Children: Evaluating the Financial Implications
  • Chapter 10 - “All My Friends Have One!” Managing Kids and Their Material Wants
  • Chapter 11 - From Allowances to Summer Jobs: Teaching Kids about Earning Dollars
  • Chapter 12 - Speaking in Code: Understanding Your Messages about Money
  • Chapter 13 - One Income or Two? Making a Choice about Lifestyle
  • Chapter 14 - The Trials of Being the Trailing Spouse: Following Your Dreams
  • Chapter 15 - You Take Paris … I'll Take Vietnam: When Vacation Desires Diverge
  • Chapter 16 - When Financial Incompatibilities Arise: The Art of the Compromise
  • Chapter 17 - Retirement, Part I: Obsessing about Your Future
  • Chapter 18 - Retirement, Part II: Making Sure Your Dreams are in Sync
  • Chapter 19 - College Savings 101: Pass or Fail
  • Chapter 20 - When Parents Need Money: Deciding When You Can Say No