Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay, Fifth Edition

  • 9h 37m 53s
  • Beverly Kaye, Sharon Jordan-Evans
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2015

Since employees who walk out the door cost their companies up to 200 percent of their annual salaries to replace, retention is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. And with so many surveys reporting that employees are unhappy and not working up to their full potential, engagement is a second serious and costly issue. The latest edition of this Wall Street Journal best-seller offers 26 simple strategies - from A to Z - that managers can use to address their employees' real concerns and keep them engaged.

The fifth edition has been revised and updated throughout and includes many more international examples, reflecting the fact that Love 'Em or Lose 'Em is available in 22 languages, from Albanian and Arabic to Thai and Turkish. Its message is truly one that spans continents and cultures.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - Ask—What Keeps You?—Ponder This—Do You Know What They Really Want?
  • Chapter Two - Buck—It Stops Here—Ponder This—Who's Really in Charge of Engaging and Retaining Your Best People?
  • Chapter Three - Careers—Support Growth—Ponder This—Are You Helping Build Their Future, or are You in the Way?
  • Chapter Four - Dignity—Show Respect—Ponder This—In How Many Ways do You Show You Respect Them?
  • Chapter Five - Enrich—Energize the Job—Ponder This—Do Your People Have to Leave to Learn Something New?
  • Chapter Six - Family—Get Friendly—Ponder This—Do Your Employees Have to Choose between Work and Family?
  • Chapter Seven - Goals—Expand Options—Ponder This—Is “up” the Only Career Path They See? and is “up” in Short Supply?
  • Chapter Eight - Hire—Fit is It—Ponder This—What's Your Hiring “Hit Rate?” How Many Turn Out to Be Stars Who Stay and Produce at Their Peak?
  • Chapter Nine - Information—Share It—Ponder This—Do You Have Information? Do You Share it?
  • Chapter Ten - Jerk—Don't Be One—Ponder This—Are You One? Occasionally?
  • Chapter Eleven - Kicks—Get Some—Ponder This—Do You Hold the “All Work, No Play” Philosophy—Where Work is Simply Not the Place for Fun?
  • Chapter Twelve - Link—Create Connections—Ponder This—Is Your Organization Easy to Leave?
  • Chapter Thirteen - Mentor—Be One—Ponder This—What are They Learning from You?
  • Chapter Fourteen - Numbers—Run Them—Ponder This—How Much Does it Cost to Lose Them?
  • Chapter Fifteen - Opportunities—Mine Them—Ponder This—Will They Find the Next Opportunity inside or outside Your Organization?
  • Chapter Sixteen - Passion—Encourage It—Ponder This—Do You Know What Gets Them up Every Morning?
  • Chapter Seventeen - Question—Reconsider the Rules—Ponder This—Which Would You Rather Keep—The Rules or the People?
  • Chapter Eighteen - Reward—Provide Recognition—Ponder This—Which Matters More, Praise or Pay?
  • Chapter Nineteen - Space—Give It—Ponder This—Are Your Employees on a Short Leash?
  • Chapter Twenty - Truth—Tell It—Ponder This—How Often are You Giving and Getting Feedback?
  • Chapter Twenty-One - Understand—Listen Deeper—Ponder This—When You Tune Out, Do You Miss Out?
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - Values—Define and Align—Ponder This—What Matters Most to Them?
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - Wellness—Sustain It—Ponder This—Are They Sick or Tired?
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - X-ers and Others—Handle with Care—Ponder This—How are They Different?
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - Yield—Power Down—Ponder This—Do You Believe Your Way is the Only Way?
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - Zenith—Go for It—Ponder This—How Will You Sustain Your Commitment to Engagement?