Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

  • 15h 12m 54s
  • Scott Berkun
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Microsoft project veteran Scott Berkun offers a collection of essays on field-tested philosophies and strategies for defining, leading, and managing projects. Each essay distills complex concepts and challenges into practical nuggets of useful advice, and the new edition now adds more value for leaders and managers of projects everywhere. Making Things Happen doesn't cite specific methods but focuses on philosophy and strategy. Unlike other project management books, Berkun offers personal essays in a comfortable style and easy tone that emulate the relationship of a wise project manager who gives good, entertaining, and passionate advice to those who ask.

Making Things Happen offers in-depth exercises to help you apply lessons from the book to your job. It is inspiring, funny, honest, and compelling and definitely the one book that you and your team need to have within arm's reach throughout the life of your project. Coming from the rare perspective of someone who fought difficult battles on Microsoft's biggest projects and taught project design and management for MSTE, Microsoft's internal best practices group, this is valuable advice indeed. It will serve you well with your current work and on future projects to come.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - A Brief History of Project Management (And Why You Should Care)
  • Chapter 2 - The Truth about Schedules
  • Chapter 3 - How to Figure Out What to Do
  • Chapter 4 - Writing the Good Vision
  • Chapter 5 - Where Ideas Come from
  • Chapter 6 - What to Do with Ideas Once You Have Them
  • Chapter 7 - Writing Good Specifications
  • Chapter 8 - How to Make Good Decisions
  • Chapter 9 - Communication and Relationships
  • Chapter 10 - How Not to Annoy People: Process, Email, and Meetings
  • Chapter 11 - What to Do When Things Go Wrong
  • Chapter 12 - Why Leadership is Based on Trust
  • Chapter 13 - Making Things Happen
  • Chapter 14 - Middle-Game Strategy
  • Chapter 15 - End-Game Strategy
  • Chapter 16 - Power and Politics