Meetings That Get Results: A Facilitator's Guide to Building Better Meetings

  • 9h 34m 41s
  • Terrence Metz
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2021

This practical, comprehensive guide to designing and running more effective meetings will result in less time wasted, more collaborative decision-making, and measurably improved business outcomes.

There's nothing more frustrating than an unproductive meeting—except when it leads to another unproductive meeting. Yet every day millions of people conduct meetings—in person or online—without the critical understanding or formal training on how to plan and lead them effectively. This book offers a structured method to ensure that meetings will produce clear and actionable results. Meetings that are profitable and productive ultimately lead to fewer meetings. This book offers leaders a significant edge by

  • Empowering readers to help their groups create, innovate, and break through the barriers of miscommunication, politics, and intolerance
  • Making it easier for them to help others forge consensus and shared understanding
  • Providing them with proven agenda steps, tools, and detailed procedures

Readers will learn how to resolve or manage common problems, inspire creativity, and transfer ownership to their meeting participants while managing interpersonal conflicts and other disruptions that arise. In a world of back-to-back meetings, this book explains the how-to details behind game-changing tools and techniques.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Serving: Discipline of Servant Leadership
  • Chapter 2 - Leading: Be a Servant, Not a Senator
  • Chapter 3 - Facilitating: Making it Easier with Three Core Skills
  • Chapter 4 - Collaborating: How You Can Manage Conflict
  • Chapter 5 - Structuring: Meeting Design Made Easy
  • Chapter 6 - Planning Approach for Any Group: Who Does What, by When?
  • Chapter 7 - Deciding about Anything Approach: Agree on the Why before the What
  • Chapter 8 - Creative Problem-Solving Approach: Managing More Than One Right Answer
  • Chapter 9 - Controlling: Online Challenges and Special Situation Tools


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