Meetings That Get Results: The Brian Tracy Success Library

  • 2h 3m 3s
  • Brian Tracy
  • Gildan Media
  • 2016

Meetings don't have to be a waste of time. When managed right, they are a powerful tool for solving problems, making decisions, exchanging ideas - and getting results fast.

Based on years of experience in consulting for companies around the world, Brian Tracy has learned firsthand what works in meetings - and what doesn't. Now he reveals simple, proven ideas you can use to make meetings shorter, more effective, and more satisfying to everyone in attendance.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: Types of Meetings
  • Chapter Two: Define the Purpose of the Meeting
  • Chapter Three: Meetings as Company Investments
  • Chapter Four: Determine the Agenda
  • Chapter Five: How to Run a Meeting
  • Chapter Six: Participating in Meetings
  • Chapter Seven: Problem-Solving Meetings
  • Chapter Eight: The Decision-Making Model for Meetings
  • Chapter Nine: Problems in Meetings
  • Chapter Ten: Reasons for Ineffective Meetings
  • Chapter Eleven: One-on-One Meetings
  • Chapter Twelve: Meetings for Delegating Assignments
  • Chapter Thirteen: Meetings outside the Office
  • Chapter Fourteen: Organize the Meeting Facilities—Internal
  • Chapter Fifteen: Organize the Meeting Facilities—External
  • Chapter Sixteen: Room Layout for Meetings
  • Chapter Seventeen: Making Presentations at Meetings
  • Chapter Eighteen: Developing Self-Confidence in Meetings
  • Chapter Nineteen: Parkinson's Law in Meetings
  • Chapter Twenty: Tips for Personal Meeting Effectiveness
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Meetings as Management in Action


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