microDomination: How to Leverage Social Media and Content Marketing to Build a Mini-Business Empire Around Your Personal Brand

  • 6h 37m 39s
  • Trevor Young
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

If you dream of launching your own business, but aren't sure what that business should be, microDomination has the answer. This new audiobook from entrepreneur and communications guru Trevor Young shows you how to tap into your particular area of expertise and build a small business around what you know and love. No matter what particular subject you're knowledgeable about, from dog training to cooking to financial planning, microDomination shows you how to build a brand around yourself and turn that brand and expertise into profits even from the comfort of your own home.

In the first part of the audiobook, Young uses real-life examples to introduce you to the businesspeople - or "micro mavens" - who are living their dreams and earning money doing what they love.

The second part of the audiobook reveals the nuts-and-bolts strategies and tactics you can use to emulate their success and achieve your goal of "microdominating." If you're stuck in a dead-end job or just dream of turning your hobby into a business, microDomination gives you a proven plan for turning your passion into prosperity.

Trevor Young is a PR and social media specialist and keynote speaker with a solid track record working with major blue-chip brands, start-ups and fast-growth companies. In 2011, his blog PR Warrior was named by SmartCompany.com.au as one of the 25 Best Business Blogs in Australia.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - From Small-Time Personal Profile to Global Microbrand
  • Chapter 2 - Meet the Micro Mavens
  • Chapter 3 - Micro Mavens: The Sum of Many Parts
  • Chapter 4 - The Seven Powerful Characteristics of Micro Mavens
  • Chapter 5 - Introducing the Micro Maven Blueprint
  • Chapter 6 - Develop a Platform
  • Chapter 7 - Build Your Brand
  • Chapter 8 - Grow Your Business
  • Chapter 9 - Live Your Dream
  • Chapter 10 - Profiles of Five Micro Mavens
  • Chapter 11 - Starting Your Micro Maven Journey