Mind Capture: How to Stand Out in the Age of Advertising Overload (Book 1)

  • 2h 14m 51s
  • Tony Rubleski
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2011

The average American is hit with over 1,500 marketing messages each day. Few, if any, of these messages are noticed! In Mind Capture, you will discover:

  • How to generate more referral business
  • Secrets to capturing the attention of the 21st Century customer
  • 27 Ways to keep your customers coming back again and again
  • How to get FREE publicity for any product, service, or organization
  • Proven ways to stand out in the marketplace and drive your competition crazy
  • Powerful ways to increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing offers

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER 1. You Want The Truth … You Can't Handle the Truth
  • CHAPTER 2. Mind Capture
  • CHAPTER 3. Too Many People Standing Around Taking Up Space
  • CHAPTER 4. If You Build It They Will Come
  • CHAPTER 5. God's NEW Voicemail System
  • CHAPTER 6. Offense vs. Defense
  • CHAPTER 7. Voicemail Magic
  • CHAPTER 8. Reach Out & GRAB Someone
  • CHAPTER 9. Three Proven Ways To Drive Your Competition Crazy
  • CHAPTER 10. 15 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail, Faxes, Postcard and Email Offers
  • CHAPTER 11. The Power of Spin: How To Get FREE Publicity
  • CHAPTER 12. Where's Your Evidence
  • CHAPTER 13. Niches To Riches – The Power of Vertical Marketing
  • CHAPTER 14. The List Is Your Most Valued Business Possession
  • CHAPTER 15. Creating Customer Loyalty
  • CHAPTER 16. Complacency = Death
  • CHAPTER 17. Referral Magic
  • CHAPTER 18. 10 Serious Marketing Questions You Should Be Asking