Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind: Life-Changing Tools for Managing Stress and Improving Mental Health At Work and In Life

  • 4h 15m 23s
  • Pandit Dasa
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Written by a monk-turned-leadership-guru, Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind offers unique insight on how you can focus your mind, become more resilient, respond better to conflict, and build stronger professional (and personal) relationships. It's all possible when you begin to understand how your mind works and take control of this complicated mechanism. This book will show you how to identify and close the "apps" that are constantly running in your own mind, so you can eliminate distractions and find greater peace and productivity in your daily life.

In this book, you'll find specific meditation processes and actions you can take to help you succeed as you begin or continue your journey. Through presentations and talks across the country, Pandit Dasa has offered his wisdom on applying mindfulness in the workplace. In this book, he shares his wisdom with you, revealing that, no matter what your external circumstances or environment, you can find the time and space to unlock the benefits of mindfulness.

Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind is for anyone who is looking for a solution to the constant feelings of overwhelm, distraction, and anxiety that plague us in today's media-saturated world. Teach your brain how to block out the noise and find focus, and observe the radical transformation that mindfulness can make in your life.

About the Author

PANDIT DASA is an internationally renowned speaker, lecturer, and author. As a former monk, he began speaking and teaching about mindfulness, work-life balance, and managing stress at Columbia and New York Universities. He has since delivered over 700 speeches and workshops to organizations of all sizes, including Kellogg, Citi, and Kantar.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - Covid, Work from Home, and Employee Well-Being
  • Chapter Two - The Pursuit of Work–Life Balance
  • Chapter Three - Breaking the Mental Health Stigma
  • Chapter Four - Closing the Apps of the Mind
  • Chapter Five - Mindfulness: What It Is and Isn't
  • Chapter Six - The How, When, and Where of Mindfulness
  • Chapter Seven - Mindful Awareness in Leadership
  • Chapter Eight - Creating a Positive and Sustainable Workplace Culture
  • Chapter Nine - Best Practices
  • Afterword


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