MIT Sloan Management Review Article on AI's Role in Achieving Gender Equity

  • 13m 46s
  • Katica Roy
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2020

Gender equity is a challenge for all kinds of companies — from the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley. But even now, with almost everyone seeming to agree that the problem must be fixed, not much has been done to actually move the needle.

The guest argues that traditional excuses for why the problem exists — and why traditional strategies to address it have failed — just don’t add up. There’s been a false narrative that women don’t know how to operate in the workplace, says Katica Roy, founder and CEO of Pipeline Equity. But the workplace was not designed to value them. So we will perpetuate that narrative unless we actually change the ways we make decisions and evaluate talent.

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  • AI's Role in Achieving Gender Equity