MIT Sloan Management Review Article on Should the U.S. Government Slow Its Roll in Technology Regulation?

  • 27m 51s
  • Larry Downes
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2021

In his new column for MIT Sloan Management Review — “How Should the Biden Administration Approach Tech Regulation? With Great Care” — author Larry Downes cautions the incoming administration of President Joe Biden not to move too fast or too aggressively in regulating and litigating big tech. Pointing to the benefits of a history of relatively unfettered innovation in the United States and a lack of government expertise in emerging technology, among other factors, Downes argues that all stakeholders are better served by a less-is-more approach to regulation. MIT SMR editor in chief Paul Michelman is not entirely convinced. Downes and Michelman get into the thick of the regulation debate in this week’s episode of the Three Big Points podcast.

About the Author

Larry Downes is the author of five books on disruptive innovation’s economic, social, and legal impacts on business, including the New York Times bestseller Unleashing the Killer App (Harvard Business School Press, 1998), with Chunka Mui; Pivot to the Future (PublicAffairs, 2019), with Omar Abbosh and Paul Nunes; and The Laws of Disruption (Basic Books, 2009).

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