MIT Sloan Management Review Podcast on Operational Safety With AI

  • 31m 28s
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2023

Ellen Nielsen, Chevron’s first chief data officer, sees data as the common thread throughout a career that has spanned systems, digital data, procurement, and supply chain. In her current role, she applies what she’s learned to Chevron’s wide-ranging AI and machine learning initiatives, including the use of robots and computer vision to inspect tanks, digital twins to simulate operations, and sensors to monitor equipment in refineries.

On this episode of the Me, Myself, and AI podcast, Ellen shares examples of the integrated energy giant’s use cases for machine learning and generative AI, and she describes the company’s citizen development program, which puts safe, secured AI and machine learning tools in the hands of employees throughout Chevron.

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