Money in the Streets: A Playbook for Finding and Seizing the Opportunity All Around You

  • 3h 53m 29s
  • Barry Habib
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Money in the Streets is more than one man's journey in hard-knocks New York. It's more than the recounting of risking it all to win. Told with heart and laced with the sentiment of tremendous gratitude, Barry Habib deftly weaves tales of his upbringing to take the listener back in time. From his childhood, where he'd pick up the discarded toys of other children because he had so few of his own to play with, on into the sales world, where Habib got creative as a sort-of street vendor, Money in the Streets blends humor and hardship through the incredible moments of Habib's life. He wrote this audiobook to answer a compulsion to share what worked for him as he scaled the ladder - creating multiple successful companies, growing into an international speaker, and frequenting major media networks, as well as producing various entertainment productions - most notably as the driving force and lead producer of one of the longest-running shows on Broadway (later made into a film): Rock of Ages.

Habib offers his life as proof that you can keep going no matter what. He shares some of his most painful memories while also exulting in personal and business triumphs to encourage everyone to aim for the same. An accessible audiobook that will play on the listener's every emotion, this standout work and Habib's voice are unforgettable.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Overcoming the Random Nature of Rejection
  • Chapter 2 - Let Hardship Teach You
  • Chapter 3 - Find Opportunity
  • Chapter 4 - Be Positive
  • Chapter 5 - Map Your Dreams
  • Chapter 6 - Recognize Opportunity
  • Chapter 7 - Amplify Your Message and Become Magnetic
  • Chapter 8 - Make Mistakes: Let Them Make You Better
  • Chapter 9 - Keep Evolving
  • Chapter 10 - Building Trust and Better Relationships Through Excellent Communication
  • Chapter 11 - Don't Beat Yourself
  • Chapter 12 - Win by Staying on Offense
  • Chapter 13 - Nurture Relationships
  • Chapter 14 - Make a Difference in People's Lives
  • Chapter 15 - Stay Hungry
  • Chapter 16 - Be a Teacher
  • Chapter 17 - Work with Fear
  • Chapter 18 - Bad Things Happen, But We Can Still Control Our Mindset