More Than a Pink Cadillac: Mary Kay Inc.'s 9 Leadership Keys to Success

  • 7h 17m 50s
  • Jim Underwood
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2022

Remarkable insight into the leadership culture of one of the world's largest cosmetics companies

It's no secret that Mary Kay Inc.—home of the famous "Pink Cadillac"—is one of the best run and most successful companies in the world, prompting Harvard professors and US government agencies to study what made the company a global phenomenon. But what many people may not realize is that Mary Kay is much more than a Pink Cadillac. While this widely recognized icon is a symbol of top performance, it stands for something greater—a way of doing business with a personal concern for people that has made Mary Kay a different kind of company. This book explains the methods and mindset that can bring the same kind of success to your organization.

More than a Pink Cadillac provides insights into a unique and extraordinarily successful business—one that grew out of, and is still founded upon, a simple set of powerful principles. It represents the first time the company has given an outside author—Jim Underwood—unlimited access to its employees and management. The principles he reveals in this book have already influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world—and they can do the same for your organization.

About the Author

Jim Underwood, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and business professor. He has been a strategy consultant to many international organizations and has written five books on the topics of leadership and corporate strategy. He lives in Irving, Texas, with his wife Patsy.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: A Different Kind of Company
  • Chapter 1 - How a Texas Entrepreneur Built a Global Company on the Philosophy of "Everyone Wins."
  • Chapter 2 - Character Counts: Lessons from the Master Herself
  • Chapter 3 - Create and Maintain a Common Bond
  • Chapter 4 - Create the Future: Think and Act Strategically
  • Chapter 5 - Make Me Feel Important!
  • Chapter 6 - A Pink Cadillac in Every Garage: Motivate Others with Recognition and Celebration
  • Chapter 7 - The Heritage Department: Never Leave Your Values
  • Chapter 8 - A Laurel Sat upon Wilts: Innovate or Evaporate
  • Chapter 9 - God, Family, Career: Foster Balance
  • Chapter 10 - Have a Higher Purpose
  • Chapter 11 - OK Never Does It: You've Got to be Great!
  • Chapter 12 - The Golden Rule and Mary Kay's Leadership Practices
  • Chapter 13 - Walk the Talk...All the Way to Russia