Move: How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks, and Stalls

  • 10h 1m 15s
  • Patty Azzarello
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Move past the obstacles and implement your new strategy

Move is your guide to mobilizing your whole organization to take your business forward. Whatever your needed transformation may be - a new initiative, a new market, a new product, your fresh strategy is up against a powerful foe - an organization's tendency to stay very busy and completely engaged what it's already doing. This audiobook shows you how to cut through resistance and get your team engaged and proactively doing the new thing!

Author Patty Azzarello draws on over 25 years of international business management experience to identify the chronic challenges that keep organizations from decisively executing strategy, and to give you a practical game plan for breaking through. Leaders tend to assume that stalls in execution are inevitable, unchanging parts of the workplace - but things can change.

At the heart of every execution problem is the fact that there simply are not enough people doing what the business needs. This guide shows you how to get your entire organization on board-remove the fear, excuses, and hurdles-and uphold the new pursuit against distractions and dissent.

No transformation can succeed without suitable engagement from the whole organization, but building engagement can be difficult, uncomfortable, and tentative. This book shows you how to get it done.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the Middle—Why New Strategies Stall after the Exciting Kickoff
  • Chapter 2 - Concrete Outcomes—Stop Admiring the Problem and Define Some Specific Actions
  • Chapter 3 - Timing and Momentum—Maintaining a Sense of Urgency for a Long Time
  • Chapter 4 - Control Points—Metrics That Drive Action on the Right Things
  • Chapter 5 - Resource Reality—Your Strategy is Where You Put Your Resources
  • Chapter 6 - Don't Sign up for the Impossible
  • Chapter 7 - Sponsors and Enemies—Reduce Your Personal Risk
  • Chapter 8 - The Right Team—The Fundamental Ingredient for a Highly Effective Team
  • Chapter 9 - Organize for Outcomes—Create the Ideal, Blank-Sheet Org Chart
  • Chapter 10 - The People—How to Attract the Right People and Eliminate the Wrong People
  • Chapter 11 - Building Capacity—Performance Management and Delegating for Development
  • Chapter 12 - Unstructured Conversation—How to Drive Personal Accountability and Belief
  • Chapter 13 - Stop Having Status Meetings—Go Faster and Reduce Risk
  • Chapter 14 - Virtual and Remote Teams—Optimizing Performance and Results from Afar
  • Chapter 15 - Getting People to Actually Care—Engagement and Context
  • Chapter 16 - Mission Impossible—Dealing with Obstacles, Fear, and Imposter Syndrome
  • Chapter 17 - Burn the Ships at the Beach—How to Keep Moving Forward When No One Wants to
  • Chapter 18 - Too Busy to Scale—Use Ruthless Priorities to Enable Growth
  • Chapter 19 - Detail—The Momentum Killer—Manage Outcomes Instead
  • Chapter 20 - Clarity and Conflict—Expose and Master Necessary Conflict—Don't Avoid it
  • Chapter 21 - Decision Stall—Accelerate Effective Decision Making
  • Chapter 22 - Tracking and Consequences—How to Identify and Recover from Setbacks
  • Chapter 23 - Conversation—Change How You Communicate to Make Your Strategy Stick
  • Chapter 24 - Decorate the Change—“Yes, We Really are Doing This”
  • Chapter 25 - Top-Down Communications—Why People Do and Don't Listen
  • Chapter 26 - Listen on Purpose—Finding the Insights That Make You Brilliant
  • Chapter 27 - Sharing Information—Communicating across Organizational Silos
  • Chapter 28 - Power and Trust—How to Make People Feel like Superheroes


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