Navigating the Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World

  • 6h 37m 10s
  • Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth, John Arkontaky, Tommaso Di Bartolo
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Jump into the metaverse to connect with consumers and explore endless opportunities

Like the Internet before it, the metaverse is a virtual space bringing people, companies, and products together in both digital and real environments to create new economic opportunities. The groundwork is already laid. People and organizations jumping in are gaining invaluable experience, meeting customers, developing revenue streams, and even shaping metaverse culture.

In Navigating the Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Business Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World, a team of Silicon Valley thought leaders delivers a groundbreaking discussion of how to find the right opportunities in this fast-moving universe. You'll explore everything from the metaverse basics, to strategy, to launching your first metaverse project. In the book, you'll find: data and market analysis to erase any doubt that the metaverse is the next big thing; foundational knowledge about the metaverse, metaverse economy, Web3 technology, and more; the essential connection between metaverse environments, businesses, community, and digital products that make the metaverse economy so powerful; a deep dive on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how to make the most of these assets; and frameworks to help find, nurture, measure, and capitalize on innovation in the metaverse.

About the Author

CATHY HACKL is a globally renowned tech futurist and executive with extensive experience working with HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. She is the CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group.

DIRK LUETH is a serial entrepreneur and early adopter of blockchain technology as the co-founder and co-CEO of Upland. He has also co-founded European and US-based companies in the fintech and digital media spaces, including Financial Times Deutschland and Forbatec.

TOMMASO DI BARTOLO is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits under his belt. He is a faculty member at UC Berkeley where he lectures about entrepreneurship and innovation. He is the author of How to Growth Hack Your Startup.

JOHN ARKONTAKY is a content creator and strategist. He has covered the technology industry as a writer, editor, and journalist. He works alongside industry leaders, managing thought leadership programs for leading tech companies.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - A Primer on the Metaverse
  • Chapter 2 - What Is the Metaverse Economy?
  • Chapter 3 - Building a Business Case for the Metaverse
  • Chapter 4 - Meet the Metaverse Consumers
  • Chapter 5 - New Business Opportunities in the Metaverse
  • Chapter 6 - Key Segments of NFT Commercialization
  • Chapter 7 - NFT Deep Dive
  • Chapter 8 - Putting Together an Action Plan
  • Chapter 9 - Perspectives on Tomorrow's Metaverse