Next-Level Negotiating

  • 3h 43m 52s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Build trust—and create more value.

Whether you're negotiating a salary, a deal with a supplier, or your workload, thoughtful preparation increases your confidence, resilience—and results. But it's not just numbers and strategies. Advocating for yourself, your team, and your business can feel personal, so you also need to manage the emotions that arise during the process.

Next-Level Negotiating provides the research, advice, and practical tips you need to counter the harmful stereotypes about women and negotiation to communicate clearly who you are and what you need. Establish trust with your counterpart and face negotiations of any size with curiosity, creativity, and a collaborative mindset—all the essentials to successfully seal a deal.

This book will inspire you to: set a clear target—and imagine alternatives; consider your counterpart's context and perspective; manage the emotions in the room; and strike a deal that works for you.

About the Author

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In this Audiobook

  • Introduction Every Negotiation Is an Opportunity to Learn and Deepen Relationships by Amy Gallo, cohost of Women at Work
  • Chapter 1 - How Women Can Get What They Want in a Negotiation by Suzanne de Janasz and Beth Cabrera
  • Chapter 2 - Understanding the Negotiation Process A conversation with Marisa Mauro and Ashleigh Shelby Rosette
  • Chapter 3 - Stop Overlooking Opportunities to Negotiate by Suzanne de Janasz
  • Chapter 4 - Three Common Challenges Women Face in Negotiations by Mara Olekalns, Ruchi Sinha, and Carol T. Kulik
  • Chapter 5 - Look and Sound Confident During Any Presentation by Carmine Gallo
  • Chapter 6 - How to Negotiate-Virtually by Hal Movius
  • Chapter 7 - The Most Overused Negotiating Tactic Is Threatening to Walk Away by Jay A. Hewlin
  • Chapter 8 - How to Bounce Back After a Failed Negotiation by Carolyn O’Hara
  • Chapter 9 - Emotion and the Art of Negotiation by Alison Wood Brooks
  • Chapter 10 - Using Mindfulness in Negotiation by Gaëtan Pellerin
  • Chapter 11 - The Science of Choking Under Pressure by Alyson Meister and Maude Lavanchy
  • Chapter 12 - Negotiating as a Woman of Color by Deepa Purushothaman, Deborah M. Kolb, Hannah Riley Bowles, and Valerie Purdie-Greenaway
  • Chapter 13 - Don’t Ask for a Raise-Negotiate It by Carol Hagh
  • Chapter 14 - Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men but Are Less Likely to Get Them by Benjamin Artz, Amanda Goodall, and Andrew J. Oswald
  • Chapter 15 - Even When Women Ask for a Raise, They Don’t Ask for Enough by Kathryn Heath
  • Chapter 16 - Negotiating Your Next Job by Hannah Riley Bowles and Bobbi Thomason