No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing, 2nd Edition

  • 7h 31m 7s
  • Dan S. Kennedy, Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Simply broadcasting a message to millions by social media accomplishes little for most businesses. Dan S. Kennedy and Kim Walsh Phillips are here to tell it like it is: If you're not focusing on converting social media traffic into sales, you might as well set your money on fire.

Kennedy and Walsh Phillips teach you the customer-getting, sales-boosting direct-response strategies you must employ with every social media campaign so you can stop accepting non-monetizable "likes" and "shares" as a return on your time. You'll learn: six direct-response principles that must be applied to social media marketing; the most powerful marketing tactic (per Google); how to get riches with niches and become a magnet to your customers; the monetizing magic of crafting effective emails; the number-one way to prevent wasted marketing dollars; five ways to grow your list for free (before spending a dime on advertising); how to turn passive content into an active conversion tool; how to create raving fans who introduce you to their networks; how to turn niches into riches, laser in on your perfect prospects, and ignore the "tire kickers"; and how to harness the biggest secret in social media - offline.

Discover the principles behind successful marketing campaigns and start making dollars and cents out of your social media strategy.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - In Search of Something Better
  • Chapter 2 - Social Media is Not Marketing
  • Chapter 3 - From the Bottom Up, Direct Response
  • Chapter 4 - It's Not All about You. Or is it?
  • Chapter 5 - What is Your Niche?
  • Chapter 6 - Magnetic Leads by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 7 - Fill Your Funnel by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 8 - Scaling Results with Paid Ads by Kelly LeMay
  • Chapter 9 - From LinkedIn to Sale
  • Chapter 10 - The Magical World of Email
  • Chapter 11 - Engaging Online: What to Post about by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 12 - Why Micro-Commitments Matter by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 13 - The Biggest Secret in Social Media is Offline?
  • Chapter 14 - Creating the Slam Dunk
  • Chapter 15 - Transformation Through Optimization by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 16 - Up-Leveling Your Social Media by Kim Walsh Phillips
  • Chapter 17 - The Big Picture


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