Now You Know: Why Some Succeed and Others Fail Using the Same System

  • 2h 42m 8s
  • Ryan Chamberlin
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2013

Now You Know will transform the way you think about sales. Are you a sales achiever? Do you sometimes feel like you haven't quite figured it out? Are you performing at the highest levels in your personal and professional life? If not, get ready, because Now You Know is an audiobook that will move you from an average salesperson to a top 5 percent sales master! You can read and memorize all the pitches, scripts, and closing tips you want, but without applying these seven laws, you are destined for mediocrity at best. That may be a strong statement, but the top money earners in sales know it to be true. This is not an audiobook about tactics. It's about the seven laws that, when applied within any sales system, will revolutionize your business and help you achieve the results you desire.

Over the past decade, Ryan Chamberlin has trained some of the top sales people in the United States by teaching them these seven principles that only the top pros know. He calls them the "Seven Laws of Sales." If you are not where you want to be in your life or your business, Now You Know is designed to take your sales strategy - and your team - to the highest possible level.

In this Audiobook

  • Law I: The First Impression: People do Business with People they Know, Like, and Trust
  • Law II: The Law of Staying in Control: Ninety Percent of all Sales Success Begins and Ends with Staying in Control
  • Law III: The Law of the Takeaway: People Want What they Can't have
  • Law IV: The Law of the Big Rocks: Enough Qualified Appointments will always Guarantee Your Success
  • Law V: The Law of Expectations: Your Expectations Determine Your Closing Ratio
  • Law VI: The Law of The 80/20 Rule: If You Fail 80 Percent of the Time Long Enough—You Win!
  • Law VII: The Law of Urgency: The Speed at Which You Pursue Your Goals and Dreams affects Everythings!