Office Shock: Creating Better Futures for Living and Working

  • 7h 29m 33s
  • Bob Johansen, Christine Bullen, Joseph Press
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2023

A thoughtful, practical read about the future of the flexible office.-Adam Grant

Most people have experienced office shock during the past two years, with the pandemic disrupting where and how they work. It's clear that we can't go back to the office the way it was. This book reimagines the office and shows how we can plan for more sustainable ways of working.

Instead of just focusing on the present moment, Office Shock includes a FutureBack perspective, which refers to thinking back from the future and allows us to anticipate directions of change. The book starts by exploring the history of the office and then looks to the future to navigate office shock. It identifies key spectrums of choices, including purpose and desired outcomes, for better office futures and offers FutureBack recommendations for individuals, organizations, and policy makers. The book ends with a series of possible action steps we can all take together.

We're in a decisive decade, and this book offers a way forward that is based on adaptability and agility.

About the Author

Bob Johansen Bob Johansen is a distinguished fellow at the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley. He is the author or coauthor of twelve books, including Full-Spectrum Thinking.

Joseph Press Joseph Press is a former workplace designer, transformation expert, and futures architect. He is the coauthor of IDeaLs (Innovation and Design as Leadership) and cofounder of the consulting cooperative MakeOurFuture.

Christine Bullen Christine Bullen is an information systems professor who codeveloped the critical success factors methodology when she was at MIT.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: The Great Opportunity
  • CHAPTER 1 - Futureback Thinking: About Office Shock
  • CHAPTER 2 - Looking Back to Look Forward: The Technology Didn’t Happen Overnight
  • CHAPTER 3 - Impossible Futures: Imagining Better Offices and Officing
  • CHAPTER 4 - In Good Company: The Spectrum of Purpose
  • CHAPTER 5 - Pursuing Prosperity: The Spectrum of Outcomes
  • CHAPTER 6 - Beyond Sustainability: The Spectrum of Climate Impacts
  • CHAPTER 7 - Cultivating Community: The Spectrum of Belonging
  • CHAPTER 8 - Everyone Amplified: The Spectrum of Augmentation
  • CHAPTER 9 - Better Than Being There: The Spectrum of Place and Time
  • CHAPTER 10 - Coordinating with Clarity: The Spectrum of Agility
  • CHAPTER 11 - Thinking Futureback about Office Shock: Introducing Our Quick Start Guide
  • CHAPTER 12 - Personal Choices: How You Can Navigate Office Shock
  • CHAPTER 13 - Organizational Choices: How Your Organization Can Navigate Office Shock
  • CHAPTER 14 - Community Choices: How Your Community Can Navigate Office Shock
  • Conclusion: What We Can Do Now to Create Better Futures