OKRs for All: Making Objectives and Key Results Work for your Entire Organization

  • 6h 48m 44s
  • Vetri Vellore
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

The spiritual successor to KPIs (key performance indicators), OKRs, or objectives and key results, are rapidly gaining popularity and helping some of the world's most successful businesses solve their strategic execution problems. However, some companies struggle with their implementation, finding that using OKRs as top-down directives changes little.

In OKRs for All, Objectives and Key Results (OKR) expert Vetri Vellore delivers an impactful and actionable guide on how to use OKRs for more than a quarterly, executive-level review tool. You'll discover how to roll out an OKR system that closes the gap between strategy and project, and starts at the bottom of your organization and helps managers and teams organize their daily decisions around shared and important goals.

You'll find: a seven-part blueprint and framework to strategically put purpose at the center of your work, whether you are a CX, team lead, or individual contributor; how to build an OKR strike team, align your departments, manage your people, and roll out your new strategic OS; valuable and implementable case studies from companies you know and love; and best practices to follow and common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when applying OKRs throughout your organization.

About the Author

Vetri Vellore is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record and over 25 years of experience building successful products and businesses. He has helped thousands of leaders and teams leverage the OKR framework. Vetri was the CEO and founder of the successful OKR software startup, Ally.io. After Microsoft acquired Ally.io in 2021, he become the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Viva Goals, continuing the mission to bring purpose, happiness and productivity to work.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1 - Core Concepts: What Are OKRs?
  • CHAPTER 2 - Why OKRs?
  • CHAPTER 3 - The History and Evolution of OKRs
  • CHAPTER 4 - OKR Misconceptions, Mistakes, and Myths
  • CHAPTER 5 - Defining Your Objectives
  • CHAPTER 6 - Defining Your Key Results
  • CHAPTER 7 - Defining Your Key Initiatives
  • CHAPTER 8 - Aligning and Cascading Your OKRs
  • CHAPTER 9 - Writing OKRs: An Interactive Team Workshop
  • CHAPTER 10 - The Most Common Questions About OKRs (and Their Answers)
  • CHAPTER 11 - Staying Focused and Tracking Progress
  • CHAPTER 12 - Wrapping Up and Reflecting on OKRs
  • CHAPTER 13 - Company OKRs
  • CHAPTER 14 - OKRs for Each Department
  • CHAPTER 15 - Expect and Prepare for a Challenge
  • CHAPTER 16 - Key Business Rhythm: Annual Planning
  • CHAPTER 17 - Key Business Rhythm: Quarterly OKR Planning
  • CHAPTER 18 - Key Business Rhythm: Monthly OKR Reviews
  • CHAPTER 19 - Key Business Rhythm: Weekly Team Meetings
  • CHAPTER 20 - Key Business Rhythm: 1:1 Meetings
  • CHAPTER 21 - FAQs for OKR Check-Ins
  • CHAPTER 22 - Key Roles in Getting Started with OKRs
  • CHAPTER 23 - A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with OKRs
  • Conclusion