On Grand Strategy

  • 11h 2m 15s
  • John Lewis Gaddis
  • Random House
  • 2018

A master class in strategic thinking, distilled from the legendary program the author has co-taught at Yale for decades.

For over 20 years, a select group of Yale undergraduates has been admitted into the year-long "Grand Strategy" seminar team-taught by John Lewis Gaddis and Paul Kennedy. Its purpose: to provide a grounding in strategic decision-making in the face of crisis to prepare future American leaders for important work. Now, John Lewis Gaddis has transposed the experience of that course into a wonderfully succinct, lucid and inspirational book, a view from the commanding heights of statesmanship across the landscape of world history from the ancient Greeks to Lincoln, and beyond. A thrilling experience for history lovers and a necessary one for anyone serious about the art of leadership, On Grand Strategy is the very definition of a master class.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - Crossing the Hellespont
  • Chapter Two - Long Walls
  • Chapter Three - Teachers and Tethers
  • Chapter Four - Souls and States
  • Chapter Five - Princes as Pivots
  • Chapter Six - New Worlds
  • Chapter Seven - The Grandest Strategists
  • Chapter Eight - The Greatest President
  • Chapter Nine - Last Best Hope
  • Chapter Ten - Isaiah


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