Optimizing Growth: Predictive and Profitable Strategies to Understand Demand and Outsmart Your Competitors

  • 8h 3m 31s
  • Dimitar Antov, Jason Green, Mark Henneman
  • Gildan Media
  • 2018

Today's business environment looks dramatically different than it did even a decade ago, and it continues to evolve at an increasing rate; macroeconomic shifts, consumer trends, technological advances, and changing competitive dynamics are accelerating the pace of change, and businesses are struggling to grow amidst the turbulence. This audiobook provides insightful guidance, real-world success stories, and practical tools to achieve growth in this new era, utilizing big data to achieve a deeper understanding of demand, customers, competitors, and opportunity.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Growth Challenge
  • Chapter 2 - Building a Demand-Based Business System
  • Chapter 3 - A New Business Model
  • Chapter 4 - Building a Demand “Early Warning System”
  • Chapter 5 - Enhanced Demand Landscape
  • Chapter 6 - Precisely Locating Demand
  • Chapter 7 - Brand Economics—Unlock the Power of Your Brand
  • Chapter 8 - Pricing with Precision
  • Chapter 9 - Innovation That Works
  • Chapter 10 - Demand-Based Cost Reduction
  • Chapter 11 - Winning in a Digital World