Order from Chaos: The Everyday Grind of Staying Organized with Adult ADHD

  • 6h 37m 3s
  • Jaclyn Paul
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Stop paying the high cost of disorganization.

Late fees on forgotten bills. A home full of clutter and unfinished projects. Eroding respect with your friends, family, and colleagues. Health worries from doctor's appointments you keep meaning to schedule. Nonstop anxiety as you wait for the other shoe to drop.

You deserve better.

Order from Chaos will teach you how your brain works and how to stop getting in your own way. Mixing stories from the trenches of her own experience as a mom and wife with ADHD with wise, well-researched advice from her years as a blogger at the ADHD Homestead, Jaclyn Paul shows you how to design your own system for restoring order.

Past failures don't have to define you. Order from Chaos offers a helping hand to get you on the path to a more peaceful and rewarding life.

In this Audiobook

  • A Hot Mess Inside and Out: The Symptom Management Feedback Loop
  • Myth Busting: Having ADHD Means I'll Never Be Organized
  • Myth Busting: Creative People are Messy! Too Much Order and Structure Will Stifle Me
  • Let's Get Started: Find Your Why
  • Don't Should All over Your Life
  • Know Thyself
  • Get Real
  • Containment before Control
  • Respect and Fear the Pile
  • Contain Your Stuff
  • Contain Your Incoming Tasks
  • Contain Your Thoughts
  • Contain Your Schedule & Obligations
  • Contain Information
  • Contain Those Loose Ends
  • Contain Sources of Distraction and Inappropriate Hyperfocus
  • Once Contained, the Chaos Must Become Order
  • Be Agile: How We Can View Organizing Systems Like a Piece of Computer Software
  • Getting Things Done: The Holy Grail of Organizing with ADHD
  • Redefining Project Management
  • Empty That Inbox
  • My Friend the Bullet Journal
  • Putting it All Together: My Organizing Toolbox
  • But it Won't Work for Me…
  • The Pursuit of Less
  • Less Pressure (Lower Your Expectations)
  • Less to Do
  • Less House to Clean and Maintain
  • Less to Clean Around
  • Fewer Steps to Get Anywhere
  • In Summary


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