Our Planet Powered by AI: How We Use Artificial Intelligence to Create a Sustainable Future for Humanity

  • 8h 24m 35s
  • Mark Minevich
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

A hands-on guide to evolving your company with ethical AI along with thought-provoking insights and predictions from a variety of well-known industry leaders.

In Our Planet Powered by AI, renowned AI strategist and pioneer Mark Minevich delivers an exciting and practical discussion of how to implement groundbreaking artificial intelligence technologies at every level of your organization. You'll learn to create sustainable, effective competitive advantage by introducing previously unheard-of levels of adaptability, resilience, and innovation into your company.

Using real-world case studies from a variety of well-known industry leaders, the author explains the strategic archetypes, technological infrastructures, and cultures of sustainability you'll need to ensure your firm's next-level digital transformation takes root. You'll also discover:

  • How AI can enable new business strategies, models, and ecosystems of innovation and growth
  • How to develop societal impact and powerful organizational benefits with ethical AI implementations that incorporate transparency, fairness, privacy, and reliability
  • What it means to enable all-inclusive artificial intelligence

About the Author

MARK MINEVICH is a President and founding partner of Going Global Ventures, a digital cognitive AI strategist, a UN advisor, an investor and an artificial intelligence expert. He is a Co-Founder and Co-Chair at the AI for the Planet Alliance with UN Agencies and Senior Advisor to BootstrapLabs VC. Minevich advises the public sector, large global enterprises and brands in the US, EU, Gulf Countries, South America, and Japan. Mark holds the role of senior fellow as part of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness in Washington, D.C.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Current Challenges and Issues with AI
  • Chapter 2 - AI for Social Good
  • Chapter 3 - The Future of Work
  • Chapter 4 - Digital Transformation Models and Digital Disruption
  • Chapter 5 - Technologies Driving Society’s Digital Transformation
  • Chapter 6 - Ethics, Safety, and Security Concerns
  • Chapter 7 - An Ecosystem and Investment Approach to AI Adoption
  • Chapter 8 - AI Culture and Society
  • Chapter 9 - Social and Financial Inclusion
  • Chapter 10 - Future Cities and Societies
  • Chapter 11 - The Next Generation
  • Chapter 12 - The Future I Envision When I Dream