Outbounding: Win New Customers with Outbound Sales and End Your Dependence on Inbound Leads

  • 7h 5m 37s
  • William Miller
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2020

Sometimes, sales organizations rely too heavily only on inbound lead generation. However, when the inbound leads dry up and marketing efforts stop yielding results, the need for outbound activity becomes more crucial than ever.

Many companies have let their sales people devolve into an order-taking, customer “farming” team where the focus is following up on inbound leads or just trying to upsell current customers. Conversely, this is the critical time in the life of a business when?organizations with a team trained to sell outbound successfully will rise above the rest.??

Outbound selling can be intimidating even to the most senior rep, yet that same intimidation around cold calling and outbound sales can be transformed into confident success with the right?tools at your disposal.

In Outbounding, sales expert William Miller provides sales teams with everything they need to:

  • Have the right tools to outbound and not to just harass
  • Learn how to outbound to the C-Suite as well as the manager level
  • See prospect meetings less as win-lose battles and more as opportunities to use problem-solving skills
  • Utilize templates and ideas that really work and can be adapted to one’s own style

Outbounding equips sales people with the knowledge, training, and road-tested sales tactics to raise the success rate of their outbound sales, using proven strategies that deliver breakthrough results.

About the Author

William (Skip) Miller learned the hard way that being unprepared for cold-calling is a surefire way to lose your job when he started his career in sales, quitting after only one day on his first job. He learned from his mistakes and is now President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales Management and Sales Training Company and is the sales training leader in Silicon Valley. Skip has provided training to tens of thousands of sales people and hundreds of companies in over 35 countries. This is his seventh book.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Story
  • Chapter 2 - How Do Customers Buy?
  • Chapter 3 - What Help Do Prospects Want in Their Buying Process?
  • Chapter 4 - By Territory, by Industry, by Persona
  • Chapter 5 - Preparation
  • Chapter 6 - Prep and Numbers
  • Chapter 7 - What Works
  • Chapter 8 - Daily/Weekly Skills Scorecard
  • Chapter 9 - Messaging: The Big Five
  • Chapter 10 - What Doesn’t Work
  • Chapter 11 - Numbers
  • Chapter 12 - Homework and Preparation
  • Chapter 13 - Tactical Listening Skills
  • Chapter 14 - Trains and Gaps
  • Chapter 15 - Outbounding
  • Chapter 16 - Even More
  • Chapter 17 - The Phone Call
  • Chapter 18 - Objection Handling
  • Chapter 19 - Personal Habits to Overcome Objections
  • Chapter 20 - Lead-ins and Voice Mails
  • Chapter 21 - Three Levels of Why and Homework Assignments
  • Chapter 22 - Other Types of Prospecting
  • Chapter 23 - You Are Live: More Hints
  • Chapter 24 - Develop the Process
  • Chapter 25 - Hiring Thoughts
  • Chapter 26 - Dashboards and Leading Indicators
  • Chapter 27 - ProActive Numbers
  • Chapter 28 - Putting It All Together for an Outbound Team
  • Chapter 29 - Summary