Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive

  • 5h 40m 48s
  • Marcia Daszko
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2018

In this innovative business how-to, leadership expert Marcia Daszko draws on her expertise to guide leaders at any level through a three-step process to radically improve their businesses: first, recognize and stop outmoded ways of thinking that fail to move the business forward (like focusing on the bottom line, conducting performance appraisals, and searching for best practices); second, start taking steps to introduce new, innovative ways of thinking and contrarian practices (such as developing leaders with the capacity to effect change, creating an interconnected team, and seeking knowledge through questions); and finally, transform your company into a more resilient, adaptive, and united organization.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • STOP Focusing on the Numbers, Metrics, and the Bottom Line
  • STOP Setting Individual Goals and Holding Individuals Accountable
  • STOP Using Performance Appraisals, 360 Feedback, and Grades
  • STOP Getting Poor Results
  • STOP Searching for “Best Practices”
  • STOP Creating Ineffective Mission Statements
  • STOP Creating Road Maps
  • STOP Using the Language of Failure
  • Summary of Part One
  • Introduction
  • START Developing Essentials for the Foundation to Grow
  • START Developing Natural Leaders Who Transform
  • START Creating a System for Optimization
  • START Understanding Variation
  • START Seeking Knowledge
  • START Understanding People
  • START Transforming, Not Merely Changing
  • START Discerning Between the Three Different Kinds of Change
  • Introduction
  • Where Will You Begin Your Journey?
  • Create a System for Transformation
  • The Pivotal, Powerful Strategic Compass
  • Communication Diffusion
  • Strategies for Quality and Growth
  • A Child's Lens and New Learning
  • The Three Key Components of the Transformation Process
  • The Formula for Effective Change
  • The Old Way versus the Better Way of Managing
  • Managers' and Team Workers' Principles to Pivot, Disrupt, and Transform
  • An Urgent Truth
  • What Great Leaders Do
  • What's the Catalyst for Leaders Who Pivot, Disrupt, and Transform?
  • The Code for Bold Change


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