Podcasting for Dummies, 4th Edition

  • 11h 24m 42s
  • Chuck Tomasi, Tee Morris
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Produce a podcast like the pros.

More people than ever are turning to podcasts for on-demand, mobile entertainment and information. Podcasting for Dummies offers a fast and easy way to get the know-how you need to produce and distribute one of your very own. Written by a pair of podcasting pioneers, this book shares insight on the technology behind recording, editing, and sharing podcasts, along with tips and tricks on how to produce a pro-level podcast.

Podcasting has enjoyed a recent boom thanks to a new crop of hit podcasts catching the ears of the public and media, along with the continued growth of mobile and streaming devices as a source for entertainment. If you want to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, you've come to the right place! In this fully updated edition, would-be and experienced podcasters alike will get all the tech information, production insight, and promotional tips they need to either get a podcast off the ground or improve on an existing one.

New tools have made it easier than ever to create a podcast - and this book shows you how.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Getting the Scoop on Podcasting
  • Chapter 2 - Getting the Gadgets to Produce a Podcast
  • Chapter 3 - Building Your Podcast's Digital Workstation
  • Chapter 4 - Go, Go, Power Podcasters!
  • Chapter 5 - Before You Hit the Record Button
  • Chapter 6 - Interview-Fu: Talk to Me, Grasshopper
  • Chapter 7 - So What are You Waiting for? Record, Already!
  • Chapter 8 - Cleanup, Podcast Aisle 8!
  • Chapter 9 - Shrink That Puppy and Slap a Label on it
  • Chapter 10 - Move it on up (to Your Web Server)
  • Chapter 11 - Providing Show Notes
  • Chapter 12 - Speaking Directly to Your Peeps
  • Chapter 13 - Fishing for Listeners
  • Chapter 14 - Show Me the Money
  • Chapter 15 - Podcasting for Publicity
  • Chapter 16 - Podcasting for Passion
  • Chapter 17 - One Giant Leap for Podcasting: Streaming Content
  • Chapter 18 - Ten Types of Podcasts to Check Out
  • Chapter 19 - Top Ten Reasons to Podcast
  • Chapter 20 - Ten Original Podcasters


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