Podman in Action: Secure, Rootless Containers for Kubernetes, Microservices, and More

  • 7h 40m 24s
  • Daniel Walsh
  • Manning Publications
  • 2022

The next generation of containers is here. Learn Podman directly from its creator, discover its exceptional security features, and start managing rootless containers that integrate easily into your systems.

In Podman in Action you will learn how to:

  • Build and run containers in rootless mode
  • Develop and manage pods
  • Use SystemD to oversee a container’s lifecycle
  • Work with the Podman service via Python
  • Keep your containers confined using Podman security features
  • Manage containerized applications on edge devices

Podman in Action shows you how to deploy containerized applications on Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems using Podman. Written by Daniel Walsh, who leads the Red Hat Podman team, this book teaches you how to securely manage the entire application lifecycle without human intervention. You’ll quickly get to grips with Podman’s unique advantages over Docker, and learn how easy it is to migrate your Docker-based infrastructure. It also demonstrates how, with Podman, you can easily convert containerized applications into Kubernetes-based microservices.

about the technology

It’s time to upgrade your container engine! The Podman container manager delivers flexible image layer control, seamless Kubernetes compatibility, and rootless containers that can be created, run, and managed by users without admin rights. Plus, its OCI-compliant support for the Docker API lets you shift existing containers to Podman without breaking your scripts or changing the way you work.

about the book

Podman in Action introduces the Podman container manager. The easy-to-follow explanations and examples give you a clear view of what containers are, how they work, and how to manage them using Podman’s powerful features. You’ll get a deep look at the Linux components Podman uses and even learn more about Docker along the way. You’ll especially appreciate author Dan Walsh’s unique insights into container security.

About the Author

Daniel Walsh is a senior distinguished engineer at Red Hat, and leads the team that created Podman.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Podman: A Next-generation Container Engine
  • Chapter 2 - Command Line
  • Chapter 3 - Volumes
  • Chapter 4 - Pods
  • Chapter 5 - Customization and Configuration Files
  • Chapter 6 - Rootless Containers
  • Chapter 7 - Integration with Systemd
  • Chapter 8 - Working with Kubernetes
  • Chapter 9 - Podman as a Service
  • Chapter 10 - Security Container Isolation
  • Chapter 11 - Additional Security Considerations
  • Appendix A: Podman-related Container Tools
  • Appendix B: OCI Runtimes
  • Appendix C: Getting Podman
  • Appendix D: Contributing to Podman
  • Appendix E: Podman on MacOS
  • Appendix F: Podman on Windows