Positively Energizing Leadership: Virtuous Actions and Relationships That Create High Performance

  • 4h 36m 34s
  • Kim Cameron
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2021

This book reveals one of the most important but frequently ignored factors that lead to spectacular performance in organizations. Kim Cameron, a true pioneer in the study of positive leadership, offers validated scientific evidence that all individuals are inherently attracted to and flourish in the presence of positive energy, a principle known in biology as heliotropism. Further, he shows that the positive relational energy generated by leaders’ virtuous behaviors—such as generosity, compassion, gratitude, trustworthiness, forgiveness, and kindness—is tightly linked to extraordinary organizational outcomes like greater innovation, higher profits, and increased engagement and retention.

Cameron has not written a feel-good tome about the power of positive thinking, “happiology,” or unbridled optimism. This research-based explanation shows how to achieve performance that exceeds expectations. He provides practical suggestions, assessments, and exercises showing how leaders can improve their own positive energy and increase positive relational energy in their organizations. Positively Energizing Leadership is a major contribution to the theory and practice of leadership.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Forms of Energy and the Heliotropic Effect
  • Chapter 2 - Positive Energy in Organizations
  • Chapter 3 - Attributes of Positively Energizing Leaders
  • Chapter 4 - Developing Positively Energizing Leadership
  • Chapter 5 - Examples of Positively Energizing Leadership
  • Chapter 6 - Yeah, Buts: Objections and Responses