Power & Impact: Emotional Intelligence

  • 1h 58m 39s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Gaining power can help you influence others and bring about change. But the misuse of power, especially as a leader, can lead to mistrust, corruption, and abusive behavior. How do you strike the right balance to have the greatest positive impact?

This book explains how wielding power affects your emotions and decision making and helps you avoid the traps that lead to negative consequences. With the latest psychological research and practical advice from leading experts, you'll learn how to use soft power to persuade others, fix unhealthy power dynamics in your team, use compassion to connect better with others, and remain ethical in your choices and actions.

How to be human at work. HBR's Emotional Intelligence series features smart, essential commentary on the human side of professional life from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Don't Let Power Corrupt You by Dacher Keltner
  • 2. What's Your Power Style? by Maggie Craddock
  • 3. How to Figure Out How Much Influence You Have at Work by Maxim Sytch
  • 4. Four Ways Leaders Fritter Their Power Away by Ron Carucci
  • 5. Make Your Team Feel Powerful by Harrison Monarth
  • 6. How to Use Your Superpower for Good by Peter Bregman
  • 7. Feeling Powerful at Work Makes Us Feel Worse When We Get Home by Trevor A. Foulk and Klodiana Lanaj
  • 8. How to Work with a Manipulative Person by Liz Kislik
  • 9. Sex, Power, and the Systems That Enable Men Like Harvey Weinstein by Dacher Keltner
  • 10. Use Your Everyday Privilege to Help Others by Dolly Chugh
  • 11. To Create Change, Leadership is More Important Than Authority by Greg Satell
  • 12. How to Think About Building Your Legacy by Kimberly Wade-Benzoni
  • 13. How Humble Leadership Really Works by Dan Cable