Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data

  • 8h 44m 33s
  • Dominique Levin, Omer Artun
  • Gildan Media
  • 2017

Predictive Marketing is a predictive analytics primer for organizations large and small, offering practical tips and actionable strategies for implementing more personalized marketing immediately. The marketing paradigm is changing, and this book provides a blueprint for navigating the transition from creative- to data-driven marketing, from one-size-fits-all to one-on-one, and from marketing campaigns to real-time customer experiences. You'll learn how to use machine-learning technologies to improve customer acquisition and customer growth, and how to identify and re-engage at-risk or lapsed customers by implementing an easy, automated approach to predictive analytics. Much more than just theory and testament to the power of personalized marketing, this audiobook focuses on action, helping you understand and actually begin using this revolutionary approach to the customer experience.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Big Data and Predictive Analytics Are Now Easily Accessible to All Marketers
  • Chapter 2 - An Easy Primer to Predictive Analytics for Marketers
  • Chapter 3 - Get to Know Your Customers First—Build Complete Customer Profiles
  • Chapter 4 - Managing Your Customers as a Portfolio to Improve Your Valuation
  • Chapter 5 - Play One—Optimize Your Marketing Spending Using Customer Data
  • Chapter 6 - Play Two—Predict Customer Personas and Make Marketing Relevant Again
  • Chapter 7 - Play Three—Predict the Customer Journey for Life Cycle Marketing
  • Chapter 8 - Play Four—Predict Customer Value and Value-Based Marketing
  • Chapter 9 - Play Five—Predict Likelihood to Buy or Engage to Rank Customers
  • Chapter 10 - Play Six—Predict Individual Recommendations for Each Customer
  • Chapter 11 - Play Seven—Launch Predictive Programs to Convert More Customers
  • Chapter 12 - Play Eight—Launch Predictive Programs to Grow Customer Value
  • Chapter 13 - Play Nine—Launch Predictive Programs to Retain More Customers
  • Chapter 14 - An Easy-to-Use Checklist to Predictive Marketing Capabilities
  • Chapter 15 - An Overview of Predictive (and Related) Marketing Technology
  • Chapter 16 - Career Advice for Aspiring Predictive Marketers
  • Chapter 17 - Privacy and the Difference between Delightful and Invasive
  • Chapter 18 - The Future of Predictive Marketing