P.S. You're a Genius

  • 5h 51m 59s
  • Kelly Trach
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

After a lifetime of overachieving, aiming to be excellent at everything, and three failed tech startups in Silicon Valley, Kelly Trach was stirred by a simple question: What if I just did what I'm good at?

Now a six-figure business coach, Kelly poses the same question to you: What if you just did what you're good at? Despite conventional wisdom, the gifts and experience you need are already innate. Having that "it factor" or "special ingredient" isn't as elusive as you may think.

P.S. You're a Genius takes you on a self-reflective journey to find your own gifts, asking questions like: How are your idols a reflection of your own genius? What are you great at that nobody taught you how to do? How is your darkest shadow your greatest gift? What have you been unexpectedly criticized for?

Through these questions and more, you'll uncover the ways you naturally excel, relinquish the lie that you're not "good enough," and discover how to convincingly convey your value to anyone. In the process, you'll unlock the gumption to go after what you really want and ditch the mindset blocks holding you back - because you have an inherent genius. You just have to find it.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Definition of Genius
  • Chapter 2 - Why Finding your Genius Creates the Success You've Always Desired
  • Chapter 3 - How Do Your Idols Illuminate Your Gifts
  • Chapter 4 - What Are You Great at That Nobody Taught You How to Do?
  • Chapter 5 - What Have You Been Unexpectedly Criticized For?
  • Chapter 6 - What's Something Easy for You Where You See Others Struggle?
  • Chapter 7 - How Is Your Darkest Shadow Your Greatest Gift?
  • Chapter 8 - What Do People Come to You For?
  • Chapter 9 - What Have You Been Unconsciously Doing for a Long Time?
  • Chapter 10 - What's Your Favorite Way to Fill and Empty Sunday?
  • Chapter 11 - What Does Your Bookshlef Say About You?
  • Chapter 12 - What Are You Great at That You Talk Yourself Out of Doing?
  • Chapter 13 - What's the Red Thread That's Been Weaving Your Whole Life?
  • Chapter 14 - How Do Your Gifts Generate Your Genius?
  • Chapter 15 - You Found Your Genius, Now What?
  • Chapter 16 - "I Can't Do That. Other People Can, but Not Me."
  • Chapter 17 - "I'm Not Good Enough"
  • Chapter 18 - "I Need More Time, Experience, and Maybe Another Certification"
  • Chapter 19 - "I Need to Move to Bali"
  • Chapter 20 - "Someone Is Already Doing It, So I Can't"
  • Chapter 21 - "I can't Make Money Doing That"
  • Chapter 22 - "They'll Think Less of Me If I Go for It"
  • Chapter 23 - Your Best Success Will Come from What's Most Profoundly Simple
  • Chapter 24 - Nobody Else Can Do It Like You(No Matter How Hard They Try)
  • Chapter 25- Quitting Is Underrated
  • Chapter 26 - Your Genius Makes You One of a Kind
  • Chapter 27 - Trying Harder Doesn't Always Work
  • Chapter 28 - Choose Exponential Results over Incremental Gains
  • Chapter 29 - Throw Out Everything You Know and Go with How It Feels
  • Chapter 30 - Well-Rounded Folks Rarely Make History
  • Chapter 31 - Make Ease Your Main Metric
  • Chapter 32 - Go for What You Want, Not What You Think You Can Get
  • Chapter 33 - Your Genius Is Not About You; It's About Your Ability to Help Someone Else
  • Acknowledgments