Radical Transparency: How Business Can Leverage Consumer Climate Change

  • 1h 3m 41s
  • Daniel Goleman, Gregory Norris
  • More than Sound
  • 2011

Part 2 of More Than Sound’s exclusive Ecological Awareness audio series, featuring Gregory Norris, Ph.D. Norris’s free, open-source LCA platform, Earthster, offers ubiquitous empowerment for businesses to quantify and lessen the negative impacts of each product’s life cycle – from raw materials to disposal. Goleman and Norris offer businesses practical steps to leverage the coming shift in consumer awareness to increase market share and create a prosperous, sustainable future for the planet.

In this Audiobook

  • Radical Transparency
  • Examine Manufacturing
  • Earthster
  • Life Cycle Analysis Methodology
  • Example of Precise Measure
  • Process Responsible for Release of CFCs and HFC
  • Where Mercury is Released over Life Cycle Product
  • Unit Process
  • Major Source of Impact in the Whole Life Cycle
  • What is Embodied Energy
  • Big Impact of Information Technology
  • Improve the Supply Chain
  • Information of Earthster for User
  • Process of Greening
  • Impacts on Health
  • What is DALY?
  • Economic Development
  • Benefits of Economic Development
  • How Suppliers Got Information?
  • Open Sources