Real-World Cryptography

  • 13h 49m 23s
  • David Wong
  • Manning Publications
  • 2021

A practical guide to the cryptography behind common tools and protocols that will help you make excellent security choices for your systems and applications.

In Real-World Cryptography, you will find:

  • Best practices for using cryptography
  • Diagrams and explanations of cryptographic algorithms
  • Implementing digital signatures and zero-knowledge proofs
  • Specialized hardware for attacks and highly adversarial environments
  • Identifying and fixing bad practices
  • Choosing the right cryptographic tool for any problem
Real-World Cryptography reveals the cryptographic techniques that drive the security of web APIs, registering and logging in users, and even the blockchain. You’ll learn how these techniques power modern security and how to apply them to your own projects. Alongside modern methods, the book also anticipates the future of cryptography, diving into emerging and cutting-edge advances such as cryptocurrencies and post-quantum cryptography.

About the Technology

Cryptography is the essential foundation of IT security. To stay ahead of the bad actors attacking your systems, you need to understand the tools, frameworks, and protocols that protect your networks and applications. This book introduces authentication, encryption, signatures, secret-keeping, and other cryptography concepts in plain language.

About the Book

Real-World Cryptography teaches practical techniques for day-to-day work as a developer, sysadmin, or security practitioner. There’s no complex math or jargon. You’ll learn building blocks like hash functions and signatures, and cryptographic protocols like HTTPS and secure messaging. This audiobook is a joy to listen to - and it might just save your bacon the next time you’re targeted by an adversary after your data.

About the Audience

For cryptography beginners with no previous experience in the field.

About the Author

David Wong is a cryptography engineer. He is an active contributor to internet standards, including Transport Layer Security.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Hash functions
  • Chapter 3 - Message authentication codes
  • Chapter 4 - Authenticated encryption
  • Chapter 5 - Key exchanges
  • Chapter 6 - Asymmetric encryption and hybrid encryption
  • Chapter 7 - Signatures and zero-knowledge proofs
  • Chapter 8 - Randomness and secrets
  • Chapter 9 - Secure transport
  • Chapter 10 - End-to-end encryption
  • Chapter 11 - User authentication
  • Chapter 12 - Crypto as in cryptocurrency?
  • Chapter 13 - Hardware cryptography
  • Chapter 14 - Post-quantum cryptography
  • Chapter 15 - Is this it? Next-generation cryptography
  • Chapter 16 - When and where cryptography fails


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