Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation

  • 8h 14m 44s
  • Debra Kaye, Karen Kelly
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2014

Debra Kaye explodes conventional thinking about innovation and provides an approach that anyone or any business can use to expose the crucial links among observations, experiences, facts, and feelings that on the surface do not seem related--but are--to uncover fresh, brilliant insights. In Red Thread Thinking, Kaye shows you how to weave originality from disparate information and turn it into a product or service that can shake up the marketplace--and your business.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: A Significant Change of Mind
  • Chapter 2: Stop Brainstorming and Take a Shower
  • Chapter 3: Get Clued In on the Real Story
  • Chapter 4: Stop Crying over Spilt Milk Because the Glass Is Still Half Full
  • Chapter 5: They Made It; We Borrow It
  • Chapter 6: We Think, Therefore We Innovate
  • Chapter 7: The Footprint of Behavior and How to Find It
  • Chapter 8: Emotional Memory—the Culture Tattoo
  • Chapter 9: Simple Is Smarter and Always Will Be
  • Chapter 10: Good Things Come in Great Packages
  • Chapter 11: Draw Me a Story
  • Chapter 12: Emotion and Reason